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Pap(i)er Fashion
Galerie Stihl,
Waiblingen, Germany,
January 30 - April 21, 2013

Pap(i)er fashion
Galerie Stihl, Waiblingen Germany, January 30 - April 21, 2013
Museum Bellerive/Design Museum, Zürich, April 30 - August 1, 2010

Participation with

Shy Boxes - 2007
Intervention on a vintage paper dress - circa 1966 - from the collection of ATOPOS Cultural Organization.
Hand-folded paper and thread.

Three sections of the dress were removed and replaced with flexible panels
of hand-folded paper boxes stitched together and sewn on the dress.
Matching shoes were made from the missing pieces removed from the dress.

The Missing Pieces… - 2007
A pair of shoes
Paper, thread and the missing pieces removed from "Shy Boxes" paper dress.
Sewn by hand (european size 36)

Double-Faced Unjewelry - 2006
Hand-folded paper and thread

Spiky Scarf - 2007
Hand-folded paper and thread
67 x 5 inches (170 x 12.8 cm)

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