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limited editions

20 Years of New Year's Cards 1991-2010

For two decades, from 1991 to 2010, I have sent out an annual limited edition New Year’s card.
The editions have grown from 130 cards in 1991 to 550 in the year 2010 as the circles of my friendship,
on both sides of the Atlantic, have grown.

The first card includes a zoetype, the intaglio technique I was developing during my Fulbright year in NY.
I was living in Chinatown then and I taught myself to carve the chinese seal stones
which I also impressed on the first decade's cards, using the traditional toxic cinnabar red and camphor oil ink paste.
For the year 2000 I hand-cut and stamped the entire edition of 240 .
I continued to use the red color in the next decade's off set printed cards.
They are hand folded and inscribed by the artist.











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